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All students must register and pay class fees in full before the 28th of the current month to reserve their spot in a class. Spaces will not be reserved without payment and will be given to the next customer on the class waiting list.

A late payment penalty of $20 will be applied to any fees paid after the 28th.



For additional details, please review the Payment Rules section.



10060 Keele Street

Unit 1


Keele Street


Administration fee

One-time charge for all new students




Single Class




4 classes/month


$75 $60


8 classes/month


$135 $100


12 classes/month









Progress testing



included in class fee






Detailed Nutrition Test & Recommendations

More details here




BONUS: Any month that works out to have an extra class (5, 9, or 13 classes total) gets that class for free.

For any missed classes in such a month, the extra one is considered a make-up class and no additional free classes will be granted.

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