price list



All students must register and pay class fees in full before the 28th of the previous month to reserve their spot in a class. Spaces will not be reserved without payment and will be given to the next customer on the class waiting list.


For additional details, please review the Payment Rules section.



10060 Keele Street

Unit 1


Keele Street


Administration fee

One-time charge for all new students




Single Class




4 classes/month


$75 $60


8 classes/month


$135 $100


12 classes/month









Progress testing



included in class fee






Detailed Nutrition Test & Recommendations

More details here




BONUS: Any month that works out to have an extra class (5, 9, or 13 classes total) gets that class for free.

For any missed classes in such a month, the extra one is considered a make-up class and no additional free classes will be granted.

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