payment rules



1. All class fees must be paid in full before the 28th day of the current month to reserve a spot in a class. Payments made after this day do not guarantee an available spot. A late payment penalty of $20 will be applied to any fees paid after the 28th.


2. Cash, cheque, er e-transfer payments are accepted.


3. A penalty of $25 will be charged for any returned personal cheques.




Missed classes


There are no refunds for missed classes.

Missed classes can be made up during the current month only, with notice to your instructor no less than 8 hours, otherwise the class will be considered as attended and you will not receive a refund or make-up credit
• Make-up classes must be arranged with your instructor according to the class schedule

• Any month that works out to have an extra class (5, 9, or 13 classes total) gets that class for free.

For any missed classes in such a month, the extra one is considered a make-up class and no additional free classes will be granted

• Any classes missed due to illness require a medical note from a registered physician

• There are no classes during national holidays and on long weekends



Advanced Nutrition Test & Recommendations

Available at an additional cost of $30

• Includes an in-depth analysis of individual nutritional recommendations based on results of physical evaluation

• Includes a listing of foods and their nutritional values
• The nutrition schedule is provided with hourly and daily recommendations
• Recommendations are made based on individual training regime, current health, menstruation cycle


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