what is shaping?



Shaping is a patented system, designed at the International Shaping Federation in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The system incorporates well-known moves and stretches into a 55-minute workout that is designed based on mathematic formulae for optimal effect.



Some key features are:


The style of exercises - train coordination and poise while performing various physically-straining activities. This directly translates into a more elegant self-presentation in everyday life. The improvement of self-presentation helps students gain confidence in themselves giving them the tools to set and achieve their personal goals.


Anyone can attend - The program is open for people of various levels of preparation from beginners to professional athletes. We accept students as young as the age of 6 and utilize programs specifically created for women, men, children and the elderly.


Personal approach - Students are encouraged to bring up personal concerns regarding health and personal physical goals with their trainers. We will do our best to help achieve them.


55 minutes - is the total length of the program, this is enough time to work out all muscle groups.
In this time over 1000 different moves are done!
The amplitude, number of repetitions, and intensity of every exercise are all scientifically calculated for every program.


Individual fit - Each student does not do the exact same thing as everyone else – the trainers make sure the exercises best fit every individual, meeting every student's unique needs.


Something different - Our classes use a versatile combination of exercise positions: well-known moves with a new twist, making the old and boring, interesting and exciting again.


The use of video programs displaying different levels of intensity allows the trainers to work with every member of a class individually. We regularly introduce new programs to keep students stimulated and interested.


Synchronized classes - using different video programs allow families to work out together in the same class.


Understanding the body - in Shaping, students do not rely on machines to exercise. This ensures that the students first learn to understand the functioning of their own body and its needs, rathern than first learning how to properly operate fitness equipment.


Progress testing - is done regularly in order to monitor health and weight loss progress.
The results are processed by a specially-programmed computer system, where they are compared to the individual’s Shaping Model. These results are also used to calculate personal nutritional recommendations.



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