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Svetlana is a certified instructor of the International Shaping Federation (ISF), with over 20 years of experience in the fitness and wellness industry.


She received her diploma from the St. Petersburg Teachers' College, with experience as a physical education teacher and musical director for preschoolers. She is a graduate of the St. Petersburg State University.


After completing her studies at the ISF College of Shaping, Svetlana received a diploma in Fitness Management and became a certified Shaping trainer. She has received a Canadian diploma in fitness and nutrition.


Svetlana first introduced the Shaping system to the North American continent by starting her own business: Shaping in Canada in the summer of 1997. She is a member of Can-Fit-Pro and is certified in Rescuer CPR. She is also a Certified Mat Work Pilates instructor.


November 2013 - Svetlana has completed her OAS (Older Adult Specialist) with Can-Fit-Pro, specializing in training older adults and those with health limitations that require an alternative fitness approach.


Inna's goal is to help people get fitter, healthier, and to look and feel good about themselves.

She believes that regular exercise has significant physical and psychological benefits enhancing quality of life and reducing the risk of long-term ill-health. Inna's knowledge-based approach, delivered in a friendly, supportive manner is invaluable in helping clients achieve their own personal goals. Her enthusiasm is motivating and students quickly find that onse established, exercise becomes habit forming and together with a modified lifestyle, results are guaranteed.


Inna is certified is a Group Fitness Instructor by CanFitPro and as a Yoga YRT 100 instructor.


November 2013 - Inna has completed her cetification for YRT 200 with the Yoga Alliance.



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